Saturday, 18 February 2017

Nuclear Power: Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

In 2017 invest £18 billion in Offshore Wind. Between 2019 and 2044, Income received will be:  £57.42 billion.

In 2017 invest £18 billion in Hinkley Point C. Between 2025 and 2044, Income received will be:  £80.31 billion.

40% more from Nuclear Power !

And Then ???
By the end of HPC's 60 year Design Life - in 2085
Income received will be:  £300.57 billion.
Out if that will have to come the £7.2 billion for decommissioning, waste handling and storage.

That leaves:
     £293.37 billion.

That's 3.65X more than the income from Offshore Wind.

Calculations and references below.


"...The strike price for Hinkley Point C remains set at £92.50/MWh......These figures are in 2012 prices.......The Hinkley Point C contract will last for 35 years, the strike price is fully indexed to inflation through the Consumer Price Index..."
Hinkley Point C Contract Terms

"... In summary, the approach to the standard CfD contract terms is as set out 
in August, with a 15 year contract for renewable technologies, with 
payments indexed to inflation (CPI)..."
Table 1 [Page 7]: Strike Prices £/MWh (2012 prices) - Offshore Wind 2018/19:  £140.00
Renewable Technologies - Key Points on Contract Terms.


Final Score:
Chinese Government - 3.65
UK Government - 1

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