Saturday, 13 September 2014

21 Days of Wind - Not Worth a FRAT


Wind Turbines – The Cancerous Spores of , Unwanted and Uneccessary Ugliness blighting our Countryside and Shoreline

Spawned by a Dream-Warped Intelligencia, feeding Half-Truths to enough Stupid People for Politicians to take heed.

Vote-grubbing, Gullible Politicians, giving a Little-Bit to everybody - as long as there's a vote in it - and handing our Tax £s on a platter, to the Already Wealthy.

 10½ GW of Installed Nameplate Capacity

  and all they’ve been capable of, for the past  21 Days is boiling kettles in less than 200,000 homes!

There are 21,500,000 homes in the UK - Wonder what the remaining 21,300,000 homes have been doing for their cups of tea?  
If Saving Greenhouse-Gas Emissions is the Name of the Game, it's a good job we've had a Steady 6 or 7 GW of Nuclear Power available 24/7 On Demand!