Saturday, 25 October 2014

That's a Lorra Lorra Steel and Concrete to Boil 186 Kettles!

'Gold-Standard' data for wind energy comes from this site:  Renewables UK  The 'Onshore' + 'Offshore' Capacity is 12,119 MW. From the 29,534,391 MWh of 'Energy Produced', the average generational power works out at 3,369 MW, giving a Capacity Factor of 27.8%.

Page 16 of this site:  State of the Industry Report 2014 - Deployment  states: "...A snapshot of the UK wind industry taken on 30 June 2014 is shown in Table 1...". Page 15 shows 'Wind Energy Performance Totals'  - 'UK-wide Operating' as 11,183 MW.

It is very reasonable to apply the 27.8% Capacity Factor to this 'Total' to give generational power of 3,109 MW, working out at 27,252,389 MWh (27.252 TWh) of 'Energy Produced'.

From this:  Renewables UK  there are a total of 6,036 Onshore and Offshore turbines, meaning each one has a 2 MW capacity to give the 12,119 MW figure. So, the 30 June 11,183 MW means 5,591 x 2 MW turbines.

 5,591 wind turbines  generate 3,109 MW - so - 
each one is generating 556.07 kW

That's enough to boil 186 Kettles!

It is indeed



Sunday, 12 October 2014

92 Continuous Days of LoLo Wind - That's EverSoLo Electricity from Wind Turbines!

From the same website, it's possible to calculate the average power over that period. I worked it out. It was:
1.171 GW

A Capacity Factor of 13.4%

It's also possible to calculate that Gridwatch Templar monitors 78% of the 11,183 MW capacity shown in a report on this webpage:     renewableUK Reports     Scroll down to 'Wind Energy in the UK 12 November 2014'' (Page 15/Totals/UK wide). 

From this webpage:     renewableUK Wind Energy Database     it is possible to calculate that the average wind turbine is 2 MW in size. So the number of turbines monitored by Gridwatch Templar is 78% of 11,183 MW ÷ 2 MW
That's 4,361 Wind Turbines
So - FOR 3 MONTHS - They each supplied:     269 kW

That's just about enough to boil:     90 Kettles

400 feet High and 1000 tonnes of Concrete and Steel  
To Boil 90 Kettles!

At what point do Politicians recognise the Societal and Environmental Insanity of this technology?

Friday, 10 October 2014

World Future Council - WTF

World Future Council - Voice of future generations

Dangerous and Powerful.

How dare they claim to be the voice of the generations they are putting in jeopardy!

Delaying technologies that can supply all of the energy the human race can possibly use!

 And, publishing garbage about the 100% renewables 'solution'

Pragmatists among you, indeed anyone with a grain of common-sense, please get stuck into these energy-illiterate morons, at any opportunity presented to you.

Thank You.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Renewable Turkeys Vote For Coaly Christmas

Green village to be bulldozed and mined for lignite in Germany's quest for non-nuclear fuel

Mr Kapelle has lived in the 500-year-old village of Proschim in east Germany's Lausitz region for most of his life. He, his 350 neighbours and the local farming community have devoted themselves to the green cause. The village is surrounded by wind turbines and solar and biogas plants which provide 15,000 homes with electricity.

Proschim is just one of a cluster of east German villages and farms set to make way for new lignite mines. The fossil fuel is intended to "bridge" a widening energy gap resulting from the closure of Germany's nuclear power plants. "There are not yet enough renewable energy sources to compensate for the loss of nuclear power," said Matti Nedoma, a spokesman for Proschim's Prenac farm complex. "So to meet the shortfall we are being told we must burn more coal and destroy farms and villages in the process," he said.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's plan to end Germany's dependence on nuclear power by 2022 is set to bring about the destruction of Mr Kapelle's farm house and the rest of Proschim's buildings. More than 800 residents including some 400 from a neighbouring village will be resettled. 

Sigmar Gabriel, Chancellor Merkel's Energy Minister, claims that more lignite mines are vital: "We need strategic reserves of gas and coal power for the times when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine," he said.