Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Climate Change Deniers - What's your Problem?

Why occupy your time and devote so much energy to battling supporters of AGW and CAGW?

Isn't the point really, that you object to the cost and ineffectual solutions proposed by disciples of the various renewable-energy technologies?

24/7 base-load, on demand electricity can only ever be supplied by either fossil fuel or nuclear powered technologies.

You need to switch your time and effort from arguing against the onset of climate change, to arguing against proponents of renewable energy technologies. Your only choice in backing up your arguments is: Do you support nuclear power or fossil fuel power?

I am unashamedly a nuclear power supporter - ambivalent about some of the predicted outcomes of the CAGW camp - but desirous of halting changes to atmospheric and oceanic chemistries - on the premiss that they can't be doing any good. Also desirous of overcoming the attitude of 'Macbre Indifference': Electricity Generated from Fossil Fuels Kills Millions - Who Cares?

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