Friday, 2 December 2016

Rampion Ramps Up The Cost Of Offshore Wind.

Everything you need to know about Rampion here:

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm is rated at 400.2 MW and will cost £1.596 billion [not including decommissioning].

Rampion will deliver Intermittent Electricity, capable of Intermittently Powering 283,444 homes every year, for its 'Expected Life' of 25 years.
By contrast, Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant will deliver 24/7 Electricity, capable of On-Demand Powering of 6,406,501 homes for its 'Design Life of 60 years.
A bit of very simple Arithmetic
6,406,501 [1 Hinkley] ÷ 283,444 [1 Rampion] = 22.6
We'd need to build 22.6 Rampions once and then a 2nd time and then be 10 years into the 3rd build to deliver the same amount of intermittent electricity as Hinkley's 24/7 electricity !
That's a factor of 2.4 54 Rampions

That would cost 54 x £1.596 billion = £86.18 billion
Hinkley will cost £18.0 billion + £7.3 billion [decommissioning, waste handling and storage]

22.6 Rampion-Sized Offshore Windfarms 
Cost 3.4X more than Hinkley
The area Rampion occupies is 79 sq. km.

22.6 Rampions, to deliver the same annual amount of [Intermittent] electricity as Hinkley, would occupy an area of 1,785 sq. km

 Rampion is about 6.6 km 'deep' [nearest turbine to furthest turbine from shore]. 22.6 of them x 6.6 km deep would stretch 270 km along the South Coast:
From Eastbourne to Torquay !!
Hinkley sits on a site 870 m x 870 m
[About the size of the letter 'H' in SOUTH DOWNS]

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