Friday, 2 December 2016

Rampion Ramps Up The Cost Of Offshore Wind.

Everything you need to know about Rampion here:

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm is rated at 400.2 MW and will cost £1.596 billion [not including decommissioning].

Rampion will deliver Intermittent Electricity, capable of Intermittently Powering 283,444 homes every year, for its 'Expected Life' of 25 years.
By contrast, Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant will deliver 24/7 Electricity, capable of On-Demand Powering of 6,406,501 homes for its 'Design Life of 60 years.
A bit of very simple Arithmetic
6,406,501 [1 Hinkley] ÷ 283,444 [1 Rampion] = 22.6
We'd need to build 22.6 Rampions once and then a 2nd time and then be 10 years into the 3rd build to deliver the same amount of intermittent electricity as Hinkley's 24/7 electricity !
That's a factor of 2.4 54 Rampions

That would cost 54 x £1.596 billion = £86.18 billion
Hinkley will cost £18.0 billion + £7.2 billion [decommissioning, waste handling and storage]

Hinkley's 24/7, low-carbon electricity is less than 30% of the cost of Offshore Wind
The area Rampion occupies is 79 sq. km.

22.6 Rampions, to deliver the same annual amount of electricity as Hinkley, would occupy an area of 1,785 sq km [equivalent to 42 km x 42 km].

The area 22.6 Rampions would occupy looks as though they would cover the whole of the area of the sea in the above map.
Hinkley sits on a site 870 m x 870 m
[About the size of the letter 'H' in SOUTH DOWNS]

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