Sunday, 23 November 2014

It's Googlicide - Renewables Murdered - And It's Google In The Dock!

Ross Koningstein - PhD Aerospace Engineering. 
David Fork - PhD Applied Physics.

Now here's two guys who should know a thing or two about energy systems. On different trajectories they'll have learned all that needs to be known about the Laws of Thermodynamics and the efficiency of heat engines.

So, talking about Climate Change - what do they conclude?
"...Today's renewable energy technologies won't save us..."

What Else?

"...Google’s boldest energy move was an effort known as RE<C, which aimed to develop renewable energy sources that would generate electricity more cheaply than coal-fired power plants do.....Its aspirational goal: to produce a gigawatt of renewable power more cheaply than a coal-fired plant could, and to achieve this in years, not decades..."

What Happened?

In 2011, the company decided that RE<C was not on track to meet its target and shut down the initiative.

So what now for these two?

Ultimately, the two of us were given a new challenge. Alfred Spector, Google’s vice president of research, asked us to reflect on the project, examine its underlying assumptions, and learn from its failures.

And What's Been Learned From The Failure?


The title of their article: What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change

But apparently neither highly educated individual has ever heard of Gen IV Breeder Reactors (be they IFRs or MSRs).

They have no problem in acknowledging James Hansen as " of the world's foremost experts on climate change..." and using Hansen's climate model.

Maybe they should follow Hansen's thinking on "what it would really take" - and get themselves involved with Hansen in the activities of:
Science Council for Global Initiatives 


  1. Have a look at my new post, today. I take it you are one of those deluded snake-oil salesmen for wind turbines?