Sunday, 2 November 2014

Plonk 1000 tons in the Countryside - Power under 2 tons in the City

Just What Goes Into A Wind Turbine?
Here's an Interesting Little Fact Sheet.
"What Mineral Products & Metals Are Needed To Make Wind Turbines"


Just What Comes Out Of A Wind Turbine
In the UK, for the whole of 2014, on average, each one of the 5,635 Wind Turbine generated just 569 kW each.
That's just enough to power 1 decent size of industrial electric motor:  

That's over 1,000 tons Steel and Concrete plonked in pristine countryside, destroying ecosystems and wildlife, to power under 2 tons of industrial electric motor in the city.

We need thousands of these prime movers to power all of our industrial and commercial activities, to perpetuate our way of life - standard of living ! 

The purveyors of this technology, based on such an obscene imbalance in the use of precious resources, have succeeded in getting it past the specialist advisers to our Prime Ministers and Presidents.

Their wicked success has stalled the progress of Gen IV Breeder Reactor programmes, taking us to the edge of the several precipices - a sick race between water wars, energy security wars and/or climate change!

It's time to get angry - really angry - with these morons.

Certainly, these 2 contrasting images should be plonked in front of every politician we come across, up to ministerial level and beyond!


  1. Er... have you worked out how much coal would be required to provide electricity to power this motor continuously? 2,500 tonnes per year. Yes that's right 2,500 tonnes per year or 62,500 tonnes over the turbine's 25 year lifetime. And the coal has to be mined, extracted, transported before being burnt and producing CO2, SO2, NOx, causing a wee bit of environmental damage in the process. 'Idiocy of renewables?'.... hmmm.... Yes I agree - these images should be plonked in front of every politician!!

  2. Is the raison d'├Ętre for wind turbines to provide (nearly) emissions-free power?
    Is the ultimate goal of developed and developing countries to stop burning fossil fuels?
    Is the problem of intermittency of renewables ever going to be overcome technologically or cost-acceptably on our little island?
    Will home-based back-up for renewables be necessary to securely guarantee 24/7 electricity, on demand?
    Is nuclear power the only emission-free, UK-based technology that could be used as back-up?
    If it is - why carry on spending on renewables? Spend the same money on nuclear asap!

    I'm just as motivated as you to get rid of fossil fuels, so I'm a bit of a fan of nuclear - that's why I host this blog also:

  3. Last time I checked we had committed £80bn of guaranteed revenue (including £35bn of subsidy) plus loan guarantees and guaranteed grid access for French and Chinese investors to build Hinckley C. In the past 5 years DECC has spent over £10bn on nuclear decommissioning (2/3 of its budget) and just £10m on marine renewables - well allocated, not spent (£10m on tidal and zero on wave power). That's the real tragedy.

  4. No, the real tragedy is that THEWs (TreeHuggingEcoWarriors) like you can manage to keep technologies like tidal and wave power in the public domain - there isn't a single renewable technology, when buffering (any form of back-up) is accounted for, that can power a society such as ours. The EROI/EMROI of tidal and wave power are nearly off the bottom of the scale:

    1. Have a look at my new post, today. I take it you are one of those deluded snake-oil salesmen for wind turbines?